Working with Shari as your health & life coach will bring awareness in your life of what things need to be changed and what is holding you back from changing them.  She encourages, supports, and provides tools to help you move forward.  After every call, I always felt refreshed, renewed, and ready to make those changes.  Each week I like having action steps to meet my goals. These action steps we develop together and Shari helped me be accountable for reaching my goals and seeing the changes in my life.  Shari, thank you for your encouragement and support.”


“Through my experience with Shari as a coach, I realized that my love for exploration drives me in my work and life.  Working with Shari helped me find a way to handle stress better, become less reactionary at work and improve my self care practices.  If you are considering hiring a coach, do it!  Shari’s empathetic and constructive style of coaching made me experience tremendously positive and I will take the lessons I learned with me.” 


“Shari’s skills as a health coach & life coach are amazing!  She provided me with skilled and thoughtful suggestions that have encouraged me to reach for what I want in my business and have helped me adapt to huge life changes I’m going through.  What Shari provides has such a tremendous amount of value.  Shari has really helped me have insight and thoughtful reflection on what my goals are and what I am capable of.  Shari is the BEST!!”


“For anyone hesitating hiring a health or life coach, just do it!  Every week provides a new opportunity for growth.  It forces you to set goals and focus on the process for successful completion.  Working with Shari is helping me to formulate a new healthy lifestyle and we celebrate every baby step along the way!”

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