About Shari

Hi Friends,

I love the feeling of sunshine on my skin, hearing the ocean waves crash against the shore, quiet mornings with a good cup of coffee, home cooked dinners with family, laughs with friends and long walks enjoying nature.

Growing up in a small rural farming community as a kid, I have always had an appreciation for big family gatherings with extended family, growing my faith in God, home grown foods, fresh country air, and a loving community where neighbors help neighbors.

As a veteran military spouse for over 20 years, I have had what I like to call a “curvy” employment history that included being a registered respiratory therapist, “professional” volunteer, administrative assistant, financial analyst and a project coordinator. 

Along the way, there were 10 moves with overseas assignments and deployments, multiple job changes, raising 2 awesome kids and a supportive husband to help battle with the stressful lifestyle.  But in doing all this, I let myself fall off the priority list and was left feeling burnt out, and it started to show up in my health.  I knew it was my wake up call and I had a decision to make: to either implement changes or go down the path of chronic disease.

So I started taking care of myself, found ways to reduce my stress, cleaned up my diet, enjoyed time with family and friends, and started doing the things I really enjoyed again.  I began focusing on my new career as a health and life coach and building the kind of business to help others believe that they can create the life they want too!

This is where the real fun begins!  My passion as a health and life coach is working with women who have knocked themselves off the priority list, especially those who have been touched by the military lifestyle, learn to calm the chaos in their lives and feel alive again with purpose.  You just have to take the first step to commit to say YES to take care of yourself and believe you can do it!

I believe the world needs a lot more support and love right now and I think the first step is for women to start taking better care of themselves.  Once we start to fill our cup, the goodness will flow to our family, friends and the world around us. The world wants this for you! 

As a health and life coach, I want this for you too and can help show you the way to live a life full of abundance so you can stop feeling stuck and start taking action to create the life you want. 

You can do this and it’s all waiting for you. 
I would love to show you the way!

Hugs & Love,


  • Become a Health Coach Certification from the ICF Accredited Health Coach Institute
  • Become a Life Coach Certification from the ICF Accredited Health Coach Institute
  • BA in Business Management from the University of Phoenix
  • Associates Degree in Respiratory Therapist from The University of Toledo
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