Time to exhale and feel Alive with Purpose!

There I was at the end of my husband’s 20 year military career, accepting the American Flag at his retirement ceremony and it hit me, I am one of the lucky ones! He came home, he was still with me, we made it! It was time to finally exhale. For so many years, I kept my eye on the next move, the next job search, the next house, the next school for the kids…..keeping all the balls in the air…while holding my breath. Never letting one drop because wouldn’t that be failing? Military spouses do an unbelievable job executing many tasks but they don’t always put themselves on the list as a priority. With over 10 moves in the military, the focus in my life was always what was best for the Navy and my family. I could wait until………It was at that moment, I decided it was time to take a big leap and focus on re-establishing what was really important to me in my relationships, my career path, my spiritual life, our finances and working on my energy level and health. AND self care was the first step! Through my training as a Health & Life Coach, I discovered that my true calling is to help others realize what has them stuck, feeling burnt out and walk with them on the path to help recalibrate their health and wellness priorities. It’s time to take care of yourself. It’s time to find what you can to do to bring happiness, to make your life more fulfilling and to feel Alive with Purpose! Alive with Purpose Health & Life Coaching was born!

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