“I believe the world needs a lot more support and love right now and I think the first step is for women to start taking better care of themselves.  Once we start to fill our cup, the goodness will flow to our family, friends and the world around us. The world wants this for you! 

As a health and life coach, I want this for you too and can help show you the way to live a life full of abundance so you can stop feeling stuck and start taking action to create the life you want. “

Shari Biery

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  • Own Your Magic!

    December 28, 2019 by

    Do you own your magic?Do you share your magic with others?Do you even know what your magic is?Maybe you’ve lost it, and you’re not sure where it went. Any sentence jumping out at you? It’s so easy to get lost in the world when we keep ourselves so busy that we do not realize what… Read more

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You are ready for a Health & Life Coach when you want to……

  • Define what living a full life of purpose means to YOU
  • Design a lifestyle for what a healthy life means and looks like to you, and why it truly matters to you
  • Discover what foods make you feel best
  • Learn how to honor your hunger and eat with purpose
  • Ban the word diet forever and celebrate finding the right choices that fit your busy life. 
  • Discover ways to joyfully incorporate movement into your daily life
  • Create authentic appreciation, respect and love for yourself
  • Tune into the meanings of your cravings
  • Build strategies to reduce stress
  • Develop a toolbox of skills to deal with your emotions and not always reach for food as comfort. 
  • Reflect and dig deep into on our beliefs on food, exercise, movement, finances, relationships and more. 
  • Kick the all or nothing mentality to the curb
  • Make yourself a priority
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